Le Sumer is a Lebanese Iraqian restaurant located in the heart of Erbil,introducing Mediterranean cuisine to Lebanon over 20 years ago, starting with the original shawarma sheep.
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Building strong brand identity for Le Sumer in Erbil wasn't getting any easier. An explosion in the number of brands—as well as a proliferation of ways to communicate them, from hundreds of cable channels to the Internet, product placement in movies, and even mobile-phone display screens—has made it tougher to get messages through. In addition, converging product-performance and service levels in many industries have made it more difficult to sustain existing brands.
With just a symbolic sheep shape, our new logo says a lot. It symbolizes the connection we forge between the restaurant and the product itself, the way we help diners find the perfect fit, and the fact that our customers are always our focus.
Then we moved to the coporate identity with the creative design for the uniforms and packaging and ending it with the website design that was resposive.

Software used: HTML5, PHP, MySql

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