A.T.S is the leading management consultancy firm that deals with global sector.
As a fully integrated worldwide company. Their organization and their people are aligned with the critical needs of a fast-changing planet. Their global platform allows them to move the best technologies around the world to the point of need for our clients, no matter where they are. A.T.S position and service offerings in countries around the world are broad, deep and respected by both our peers and our clients.
They work on behalf of a range of clients including ambitious consulting firms, financial services companies, high growth industry clients, private equity firms, and not-for-profit organizations. 
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The process begins with a branding workshop, where we work collaboratively with A.T.S to explore different branding options.
We believe that working with the client is much more effective than working in isolation. This is because the client has an understanding of the business and target audience that we cannot hope to match. What is more, by engaging them in the process they feel a greater sense of ownership over any brand ideas developed. We then Developed a new brand identity for their company along with a new web design concept that reflect the image of their company.

Software used: HTML5- PHP -MySQL - JQuery