Established in 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon, MY KITCHEN is today a mature and dynamic kitchens manufacture, always ready to interpreter the new trends in the market in terms of product and service.

MY KITCHEN has been producing luxury modern kitchens with unique style and is known for its range and quality of materials. As one of the finest kitchen design firms, they are committed to research and development, staying ahead of trends, bringing new finishes and concepts to the portfolio each year. My Kitchen’s modern kitchen and cabinets designs offer highly personal choices and allow for greater creativity in the design
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With My Kitchen Company, We made the connections that are critical to successfully transforming their business, leveraging customer insights to identify unmet needs and defining a unique and ownable brand positioning that drives transformation throughout their organization. By marrying insights, inspiration and a pragmatic grasp of operational reality, Digital Minds ties strategy to a clear activation program that shapes brand and business perceptions, changes behaviors and drives business impact.
 My Kitchen was a full branding project:From crafting the Logo to the creative website design and development with the corporate identity to finally ending with the high end print materials and finishing.