International Food Corporation s.a.r.l, since its establishment and the starting of operations in Khalda, Lebanon in 2003, has been growing –by the minute in the Lebanese food and beverage industry. Specialized in the distribution and sales of food and other consumer products all over Lebanon, we were able to make our famous brands reach almost every Lebanese house. 
In an ever demanding Lebanese market, we always diversify our food and beverage production chains into unique fusions of local and outside brands and products triggered to satisfy customers’ craves. 
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Sometimes, it takes more than a new website to project a professional and contemporary image that will reflect your brand and reach out to consumers. We helped Internarional Food Corporation to create a new brand image by designing a new website, which can be adapted to all communication tools. We also suggest some support for their transition from the old branding to the new, helping them move their brand forward while respecting its essence and history.

Software used in this website: PHP, HTML5, MySQL